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Burger King goes vegetarian? The IMPOSSIBLE BURGER

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The Freaky Tiki is RELOCATING!

Aloha, tiki fans!

NOT that any one really reads this,  BUT the "I'm Freaky for TIKI" portion of this blog is relocating to a new blog EXCLUSIVELY devoted to tiki. Zowie!

The new tiki page is called MONSTER A GOGO'S TIKI TIME and it can be found HERE. Over the next few days, the older "I'm Freaky For Tiki" tidbits will begin repopulating on the new site. The old ones will remain here as well, but all new tiki talk will be on the NEW PAGE!


I'm Freaky for Tiki #20: When in Rome...Tiki it Up! A Visit to the Makai Surf & Tiki Bar

I recently spent a week in Rome as part of a big European trip. And when one is in Rome, you do as the Romans do. You tiki it up. What!?! A tiki bar in Rome? Yeah, baby. It's the Makai Surf & Tiki Bar and it is awesome.

The website proclaims it is the first tiki bar in Rome. No tiki bars in Rome until recently? No wonder the Roman Empire fell. Fortunately they may been able to rebuild that empire with the help of the Makai Surf & Tiki Bar. It is top notch all of the way and not to be missed.

When you visit any tiki bar in a foreign land (or sometimes even here in the USA), you know you are going to be in for an "iffy" experience. How will the tiki thang translate into other cultures? It could be a wonderful experience or it could be a big bad disaster. The cool lettering on the sign over the door looked good and a peek in the windows on the way to the door showed promise...

Stepping in to the place, though.... WOW! You could tell that this place was a labor of l…