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FLASHBACK: The Great Northwest Road Trip 2016: Part 13

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FLASHBACK: The Great Northwest Road Trip 2016: Part 12

On the morning of July 7th, we said our goodbyes and head out for our long-long drive to Bend, Oregon.

There was a long wait (45 minutes? An hour?) for the ferry in Clinton at the south end of the island. We eventually got on and made it across to the mainland.

Avoiding Seattle once again, we headed up into the mountains, eventually passing near the town of Snoqualmie, of which many locations were used as parts of the fictional TV town of TWIN PEAKS, one of my all-time favorite shows. Even though I'd gone once before in 2006 (?) and we had an all-day drive ahead of us, I insisted that we stop at Twedes Cafe...aka the Double R Diner from Twin Peaks. I had to have a piece of pie and a damn fine cup of (decaf) coffee.

The new (25 years later) season of TWIN PEAKS recently filmed (and airs on Showtime next year). It was clear they tried to update Norma's diner with the RR2GO painted on the top of the building (which the owners wisely left up). 

  Erich sat around bored and/or wai…