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Even MORE Forgotten Articles

Zowie! The more I go through and clean out my email, the more articles I find.  Most of them I do not remember doing, but this first one I DO recall. Being a horror film fan, I was uber-thrilled to get to talk to Sid Haig. Sid who? Sid Haig has been in dozens of cult films and TV shows since the 60s. He is also from Fresno. I had been working on trying to reach him through various people, when he called me out of the blue. We made arrangements for me to call him back and do a proper interview later...which I THINK I still have recorded somewhere. Months after the article was done and printed, he was at one of the has-been celebrity shows I go to. While getting his autograph, I handed him the magazine with the article in it.  You can see the photo HERE (scroll down about half way).

I do remember writing this article as well. The subject matter was a great idea started by the two women in the top photo. Once a month they have a "Ladies Night Out" and all meet at a restaurant for dinner and drinks. The women all pay their own way, but they also drop off a donation of $10 in a bowl. There is also a woman in attendance who has been identified as having a need for assistance. Either she has overwhelming medical bills--or a child with medical issues, or she has fled from an abusive relationship and is trying to start over, or some other need. At the end of the evening, whatever money is in the bowl goes to the recipient. It's not a lot, but it's something. It may go to buying groceries for the week or paying for a prescription---whatever the recipient wants. It's an awesome idea. I tried to forward the story on to Oprah Winfrey at the time. I thought it was the kind of thing she'd love talking up and helping out with, but I never heard anything.

I wrote this? Really? I have ZERO memory of doing so.

I wrote this, too? What do I know about skiing or winter sport accessories? NOTHING! Hmm.

Yes, i am sure I write this too (It has my name in the byline), but memory of it.

This last one I DO remember doing partially, only because the part about pet funerals and cremation was on my mind, as the old Boo hound, my best friend in the world, was getting so old and I knew he wouldn't last much longer. The man I spoke to about the "viewing" before cremation made it sound so nice. But when I set up the viewing for Boo months later, it was a horrible nightmare that I wish I had NEVER had to go through. 

That's it for this time. There are more articles out there somewhere. Thanks for looking.



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