Dead Letter Office - Mail Art 4: HORROR of Mail Art


Just when I thought I was going to be done with Mail Art...more Mail Art comes my way. Something from someone named Tim Collapse arrived.

Inside were a few artsy goodies, but no note.

This he will be getting in return. It's NOT great (Nifty idea--poor execution.), but... (D)


Then BonnieDiva graced me with her presence once again...

And she included 2 'zines and some other ephemera fun.

What she is getting back is a variation of something I made someone else not too long ago. It's not great,'s what came out. (D)

I had no idea who Ken Miller was, but he found my blog post and commented---so I whipped this up for him quickly. Unfortunately it got glue all over it here and there. Oh well... It is what it is. (D)

This one is clearly NOT like my other ones. It's rather dull (A fish?). It reads "Fan mail from some flounder?", which is the one line from the old BULLWINKLE show that is stuck in my head (and I love it.) this is going to my best friend (and I hope he "gets it.") (D)

I have no idea who Mim Golub Scalin is, but she commented on a post of mine. As I was working on last minute Mail Art before I venture off island tomorrow (and plan to mail everything off at various post offices on the mainland), this was what came out. I'm not thrilled, but... (D)

This is the last piece I finished before my plans to visit the mainland. Ken Miller, the guy getting the envelope with the UFO and creepy kids on it, has a website. Linked to it was an interview he did on a podcast. The Podcast, Sender's Receive, is apparently all about Mail Art. I've only listened to a few episodes (It seems to have stopped production, but there are currently 15 episodes available.) I've had no communication with the show's creator, Jennie Hinchcliff, but I thought I'd send her one of my last-minute pieces as a thank you of sorts for creating the podcast. (I'm so NOT a podcast person, but this one I think I will listen to...) (D)

Once everything is mailed off (everything I did in this post and the one previous), I wonder if they'll all arrive okay. I actually went to the next island up (Fidalgo) and mailed two of them from Anacortes. One is going to Iowa, the other to Kansas. Hmm. No word yet on if they reached their destinations.

And that, as far as I know, is the end of the Mail Art line for me. There are still a few people on IUOMA I feel I should make something for though. I just don't know if I'll have time for anything else before I leave for California for three weeks. (While there, I may find more treasures from my old Mail Art days...)

For now, though, I am going to hang up my glue stick, put away my markers, and get to bed.

CHEERS and good night!

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