Mail Art 21: Off It Goes

And I'm back--again...and so soon! Yes, I said I was taking a break--and yes, I said I have a zillion other things I need to get done. However, I have been feeling so poorly lately.  I think my nuero-muscular disease has been stealing more and more from me--and I feel it. I have been so utterly (more than you can imagine, really) exhausted and my blood pressure has been a rollercoaster of ups (systolics in the 160s) and lows (110s). I haven't felt like doing ANYTHING. So... by default since it doesn't take much effort...I've been making more mail art. But even doing this is taking its toll on me. I just don't know what to think... 

Anyway, here is what I have this time:

BLOOD NIGHT: I wanted to make something for my IUOMA (International Union of Mail Artists) mail art friend Tara as the last one I made her was kind of... eh. This is kind of my same ol'-same ol', but I actually really like how this one came out. I hope Tara likes it.

I received this postcard from IUOMA member Mike Parsons.
THE CREEPY HOUSE NEXT DOOR was what I came up for him. 
CLOWN COLONOSCOPY:  The story on this one...Uh. A few weeks back, I had a colonoscopy. For whatever reason, on the "prep" day before, I was NOT venturing far from my bathroom---and ended up making several pieces of mail art that was all clown-themed. Afterwards, my friend Sue-Nan said that , no doubt, I'd be doing an envelope combining the colonoscopy and the clowns--which was brilliant! I think she was thinking the clowns would be performing the colonoscopy--but I didn't know how to convey that with a picture (or where to find images to use)! My brain went in the other direction--having the clown be the one the colonoscopy was being performed on. And, of course, how would you know it was a clown butt? Not unlike those little clown cars from which dozens of clowns magically appear, I thought the clown's colon could act as a clown car--and clowns could emerge from it. All you see it a clown leg emerging, but it gives you the general idea. It's actually a total ripoff of the one I thought up earlier, COLONOSCOPY OF TERROR. I even used the same butt! However this didn't turn out so well as I had printing problems and had to make do. You'll notice that my ink was running out. (AGAIN!) The blue address area is almost white at the bottom. The title had a yellow background that became white when the yellow ran out. The lack of yellow caused the flesh of the buttcheeks to take on a strange purple-ish hue--which kind of fits with a clown butt, maybe? The images themselves are too small and should have been bigger. There's a lot of things I would have changed--but the lack of ink made it tricky. More ink was due Monday supposedly. But, here on the island, deliveries are almost always bumped back at least a day. I was going off-island that Tuesday (giving me a chance to mail my envelopes). I couldn't afford to take the chance and wait for the ink. I had to slap it together with what I had ready. Oh well.
HAUNTED WEEKEND: More uninspired same ol'-same ol' stuff pulled together from stuff already on hand because of the ink situation. Nothing to see here. Move along...
Another printer/ink-fail mess with SCREAMS IN THE HOUSE OF SPOOKS. Snore...
THE CREEPENSTEIN MONSTER: I don't know why or where this came from. It was one last quickie before heading off-island the next morning. 
THE ABANDONED HOUSE OF DEATH: Yeah... this should have been abandoned. Snore...
THE SPIDER QUEEN: Eh... This was started during my ink cartridge crisis. (Note the way the color fades on the title.) The whole thing became sort of a mess---so instead of reprinting things, I just used what I had. It's a disaster. Oh well. Next!
THE DEATH POPE: I had an interesting image (the creepy pope-like guy), but nothing to go with it. This is no winner either. oh well.
GHOST TERROR:  This came out...okay. I was hoping for a better result (although I really like the left side), but it is what it is. 
And that's the ten for this time. 
Next time I hope to have another blast from the past to share with you. My friend, Sue Nan, recently found some vintage mail art I had sent her and her daughter, Dina, about 30 years ago. This was her note to me:

"I’ve spent months tearing my studio apart. I just walked in there and something told me to look in a special leather box that was in my bookcase!
I think I’ve just found your missing envelopes from back in the day! I’ll go through them, then send them on to you so you can share them on your blog!
I knew I still had them somewhere. I would NEVER have thrown them away!!! I had obviously tucked them safely away from those pesky studio marauders!!!
This made my day…and when you see them, they’ll make your day too!!!"

Hot diggity! I can't wait to see what she's unearthed. How fun!
I hope you will also come back and check out these old postal chestnuts--whatever they may be--next time.Thank you for visiting this time. 

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